Ottawa Community Sites

Here is a list of some of the willing to host community content for free. Requirements vary by host. Contact the site for details.

Davin Technical Services

Contact: Matthew Darwin.

Doncaster Consulting

Contact: Ralph Doncaster.

Flora Community WEB

A space for community organizations to live on the net. Contact: Russell McOrmond.

INODE Community Networking


National Capital FreeNet

This is the biggest of the areas' community network nodes. Contact: NCF Office.


OttawaWeb Search Engine and Directory. Contact:


Contact: Gordon Dewis.

Sandelman Software Works

A space for social activist organizations. Contact: Michael Richardson.

Striker Software Cooperative

Contact: Alan DeKok.

These sites may use the "A proud part of ox" logo on their web pages.

To have your site added to this list, e-mail

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