Ongoing Projects

OX does facilitate coordination of different groups with differing goals. This is a list of some currently active projects. By no means is this a complete list, nor does OX claim any ownership of the ones listed here.

Dynamic DNS/E-mail

Allow people with Dynamic IPs to have servers.

Mail Domain

Allow permanent e-mail addresses for people in ottawa without requiring any particular server to be permanent.

Team OXen - Plowing RC5 under

Using idle CPU cycles as part of a worldwide distributed effort to crack 64 bit RC5 encryption, to encourage legalization of stronger encryption. OX has yoked together under a common address to facilitate gauging members' collective contribution, and will use the prize money ($1000) for one or more of its other projects.

Ottawa News Administration Group (ONAG)

This is a non-associated group that manages Ottawa area newsgroups.

Ottawa Community Calendar

To build a calendar that people can use to advertize community events.

Ottawa People Database

To build a database of entities in the Ottawa area. Whether the entities are people, groups, organizations, etc.. is still up for debate.

Ottawa Community Mapping Database

To get online verions of all regional maps: bus maps, sewer maps, road maps, cycling maps, etc.. both for the present, the past (to establish trends), and for the future: to allow average citizens to participate in the planning process.

Shared cost IP (historical)

To provide some form of IP connectivity to interested parties in the Ottawa area.

Ottawa wide Metro/Municipal Area Network

To provide a place for people to discuss the creation of a network to link people and organizations together without requiring Internet access.

Community outreach

To provide communication and/or internet facilities for people that can not afford the facilities themselves.

FreePort to WEB translation software

Get all your FreePort menus onto the WEB... automatically, on the fly.

Ottawa IRC network

The global IRC servers are too busy. This is a smaller local network.

Shared OX web pages

The pages are hosted on several machines, with updates coordinated with CVS and SSH.

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